An exhilarating cardio blast spiced up with groovy Bollywood jhatkas” and “thumkas” (grooves and moves) for a complete body workout like never before. The fun filled class is bound to get you energized and de-stressed.



With a well-structured syllabus and an academic perspective, Shiamak has taken dance education to schools and colleges across the country through the Dance @ Schools program. Strengthening Shiamak's motto of 'Have Feet. Will Dance', its objective is to offer every student training, knowledge of fundamentals, styles and techniques. Dance @ Schools also helps students to de-stress and develop well-rounded personalities. Dance enables a direct expression of emotion and thought, and this program assists them in giving it the right direction through a creative medium. Dance knowledge, physical fitness, mental stimulation and personality development are the basic pillars of these dance sessions.


The unique vision of SHIAMAK DAVAR combining two very powerful and ancient styles in a way never before.

The Inner Dance Movement class takes you on a journey into the East from where the science of Yoga originated, Yoga is a timeless technique proven to get your body and mind working together in harmony and alignment with your higher self. Combined with The indo jazz dance movement connecting your Sole to Soul.